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How do we bring light to the urban scale?

The light of the streets mixes and mingles with the facades, the advertisements and traffic. We design the light for this environment and take into account these interactions and the necessary boundaries. We are developing the integration of smart functions into the city of the future.

Complete with square, park, café and amphitheater, Eleftheria Square in Nicosia, Cyprus, is now a new central point in the World Heritage city. Using different light colors, our lighting design delineates the diverse areas, the historical fortress and organic forms in white concrete. In the evenings, the chains of light points reach out into the surrounding old and new parts of the city, connecting them to the square visually.

A master plan sets out the rare opportunity to conceive a lighting concept that crosses over and beyond property lines. For Berlin's historical center along the Straße Unter den Linden, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Schlossbrücke at the Humboldt Forum, we developed the master plan for public lighting and the illumination of the grand historical boulevards. This plan has been put into practice consistently for over 20 years.

The lighting on Pariser Platz guides pedestrians and, along with the four historical mast-top luminaires, creates a symmetry up to the gateway. Because the surrounding buildings have foregone the illumination of their facades, the Brandenburg Gate is placed in the foreground.

New urban neighborhoods are being developed on the grounds of the former Tegel Airport in Berlin. In the Urban Tech Republic a new, digital science center is being developed as a "smart city." We have designed a multifunctional column which houses not only all of the lighting components, but also all the smart functions. The system will be used across the entire Tegel development project and also illuminate the new express bike lanes. The lighting system will be added along the future public transportation route, but only switched on where the bus runs.

A forward-looking mobility concept is also being developed for the residential areas in the Schumacher Quartier of the Tegel development project. We are also designing innovative lighting for this, combined with smart functions such as emergency buttons, WLAN and charging stations.

The Schlossplatz am Humboldtforum gives the imposing structure the necessary distance for its effects to be felt. The lighting creates harmony between the surroundings and the facades and was realized using only one type of luminaire. The light columns designed by us especially for this site deftly integrate the necessary security technology.

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