Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung

Great potential lies in light. 
Natural and artificial light form the foundation of human perception.
Lighting influences atmosphere and mood in our daily lives.
Designing this is the passion of Kardorff Ingenieure Lighting Design.

  • 2023 Lighting Designer of the Year
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  • A professional lighting concept strengthens the artistic nature of architecture. Symbolic images are images of light.
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  • We meet complex lighting challenges with high demands. This calls for our intense involvement, attention to detail, and mastery of technical options.
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  • At present, lighting technology is the most rapidly developing of all building techniques. We do our planning with the latest in expertise and hold multiple patents.
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  • Light planning can accomplish an astonishing amount with little effort. Our aspiration is to find the ideal solution.
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  • We work in an international team whose members hail from four continents. We understand a variety of languages and cultures.
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