• Alter Wall


      The architectural ensemble at Alter Wall 2-32 is composed of five buildings directly next to Hamburg's City Hall. The historically listed block was renovated to house shops, restaurants and high-end office space, including a large interior courtyard. Central importance has been given to the new Bucerius Passage, an arcade with bridge that now serves as a new and important passageway in Hamburg's city center.
      We designed special lighting fixtures for this arcade: a pendant luminaire of a hyperboloid construction that is distinguished by interlaced metal bars from which light rings hang. Hidden in these rings are fixed light points that illuminate the floors and ceilings of the passageway and colonnade. The dimensions of the lighting fixtures vary widely depending on their position in order to match the given spatial dimensions.
      These large-format light objects create a light motif visible from afar that harks back to the grand historical Alster arcades and gives this special place a festive atmosphere in the evenings.

      Building type
      Of­fice, Mon­u­ment
      Europe, Germany, Hamburg
      Project time frame
      2016 — 2019
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