• Hotel Aletto


      The Aletto Hotel Potsdamer Platz is more than just a hotel. It has all sorts of rooms for micro-fairs, events or pop-up stores. These rooms are multifunctional in their lighting in order to do justice to a wide variety of needs.
      In the areas used for pop-up stores, a busbar has been integrated into a complex, multifunctional mounted rail display system. The structure's design and arrangement also takes normal hotel operations into account. Cylindrical surface-mounted downlights with busbar adapters and swiveling reflectors provide general lighting. This is supplemented by decorative pendant luminaires on rails.
      Standing as a highlight on the rooftop terrace looking out over the city is an over-sized and eye-catching outdoor standing lamp.

      Building type
      Europe, Germany, Berlin
      Project time frame
      2019 — 2020
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