• B-One


      The new corporate headquarters for Berlin Hyp is intended to showcase the bank's sustainable vision while at the same time contributing to the urban development of the surrounding area. Planted terraces, a roof garden and a newly designed inner courtyard bring the greenery of the surrounding streets up to the roof. Photovoltaic modules are integrated into the natural stone façade grid to produce the bank's own electricity. The aim is to achieve DGNB Platinum certification.

      The building offers various zones for a wide range of activities, from active exchange in a team, with customers or in large groups, to concentrated work at individual workstations. Our lighting design includes the public areas such as entrances and atrium, the office floors and the outdoor areas. Workplace lighting controlled by smart technology with the help of sensors not only meets sustainability requirements, but also offers a high degree of individualisation.

      Building type
      Europe, Germany, Berlin
      Project time frame
      2020 — 2024
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