• Qatar Pavilion EXPO 2020


      The lighting design brings out the size and form of the architects' building. To do this, curved linear RGBW luminaires were positioned in parallel about 3.5 meters in front of the facade to spotlight the surfaces. Since pools of water are directly adjacent to these facade areas, underwater lights had to be used. To enable uniform lighting, the curved luminaires at the entrance were also used in a linear floor channel with a glass cover.
      The rooftop surfaces tilting toward the visitors were illuminated with RGBW spots that are mounted on a special tower structure on top of the pavilion.
      This 18-meter-high tower with an open lamellar structure is illuminated by recessed ground luminaires that brighten the inner surfaces and make the structure's silhouette visible from a distance.
      For the interior, the architects designed a curved ceiling into which linear RGBW profiles have been integrated. It was designed so that the luminaires could be mounted in a concealed manner, and the V-shaped structure appears to shine from inside itself, indirectly illuminating the space.

      Building type
      Asia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
      Project time frame
      2021 — 2022
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