Pariser Platz Berlin

The illumination of Pariser Platz emphasizes the horizontal areas. There is no direct lighting of the building facades. As an historical monument, the Brandenburg Gate is placed at the focus and is illuminated deep into its structure.

Building Type:
Urban Space +
The four Schupmann candelabras have been re-erected as historical urban furniture. They light the surrounding space. They went from being a one-armed street lantern to a two-armed square lamp which, with a higher light source than before, is more suitable for comprehensive illumination of the square.
Facade +
Only the facade of the Brandenburg Gate is lit up.
Exteriors +
Horizontal light coming from the symmetrically radiating candelabra (adaption of the historical luminaires: Kardorff Ingenieure)
Lighting Technology:
Artificial Light +
The historic archetypal lamps, the Schinkelleuchte, on the square’s edge have been fitted with new lighting technology. An aluminized glass cylinder softens the luminance of the lamps and achieves an asymmetrical light distribution leading to a diffuse general brightening of the facades and decreasing the contrast for the viewer.
Picture credits:
Photographs +
Linus Lintner
  • Pariser Platz_Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung
  • Pariser Platz_Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung