Pentominium Tower Dubai

The Pentominium Tower is the "highest residential tower in the world" and has over 100 floors. One to two residential units per storey are planned. Motor yachts, limousines, and round the clock service will be available to the residents. Certainly nice to have....

Building Type:
Highrise +
A truly extravagant design that subtracts partial areas from the structure of the high-rise sculptural form, making the hanging residential cubes with rooftop terraces on the one side of the tower possible.
Residential +
Exteriors +
The lighting design gives structure to the architectural elements. The rooftop terraces, the underside of the hanging cubes, the building-high glass facade, and the pinnacle will be distinctively lit.
Entrance +
Facade +
Underground Parking +
Wellness +
Lighting Technology:
Artificial Light +
We designed the lighting for the facade, all special areas, the exterior grounds, and a model apartment.
Middle East and Asia
Picture credits:
Visualisations +
Markus Gröteke/ 3dworks visual computing, Berlin
  • Pentominium_Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung
  • Pentominium_Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung