Mercedes Platz, Berlin

Mercedes Platz is a new address for concerts, cinema and entertainment and has the highest screen density in Berlin. Screens on facades and media steles can be controlled in a coordinated way and empower a unique open-air media experience. We planned the interplay between all lighting elements on the square and the adjacent facades.

Building Type:
Urban Space +
We planned the coordinated illumination of square lighting and facades, including media steles, screens and facade lighting, advertisement, banners, hospitality signs and accent lighting. We also controlled the coordinated interplay of light emissions of all elements in the ensemble.
Exteriors +
We developed multi-functional steles in cooperation with other partners that provide high quality lighting and moving lights for the square, multimedia screens, water and electricity access and air exchange for the underground parking lot.
Lighting Technology:
The content of the screens that are integrated into the media steles can be coordinated with the content of the big screens integrated into the facades of the square buildings. With a resolution of 6,25 mm pixelpitch, the screens set a new quality level in urban spaces.
Picture credits:
Photographs +
Linus Lintner
  • Mercedesplatz_Kardorff_Ingenieure_Lichtplanung
  • Mercedesplatz_Kardorff_Ingenieure_Lichtplanung
  • Mercedesplatz_Kardorff_Ingenieure_Lichtplanung