Fritz & Felix - Restaurant in Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden has been an impressive grand-hotel since 1872. For the innovative restaurant Fritz & Felix, we developed a lighting concept that uses modern LED technology to create an adequate light intensity, ambiance and brilliance.

Building Type:
Hotel +
The combination of tradition, elegance and innovation can be experienced with all senses at Fritz & Felix - the lighting contributes to the unique experience.
Restaurant +
Directional LED downlights, imitating the dimming behaviour of incandescent lamps, give brilliance to the place settings and an adequate light intensity and color according to the time of the day.
Lighting Technology:
The bespoke luminaires in the restaurant are equipped with LED lamps that contribute to the elegant appearance of the luminaires and emit warm light.
Picture credits:
Photographs +
Lukas Lienhard