Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Between the Charité and the banks of the Spree, not far from the main train station, is the new location for the administrative seat of the Federal Ministry.

The building has been given “gold” according to the standards for sustainable construction of federal buildings (Nachhaltiges Bauen für Bundesgebäude / BNB); certification according to “DGNB Gold” is being striven for.

Building Type:
Office +
The lighting design emphasizes the architecture; inside and outside spaces are differentiated through light intensity and contrast.
Entrance +
Through the integrated floor lights on the inner side of these pillars, the entry area becomes the dominant view at night.
Exteriors +
LED ground lights also effectively accentuate the colored slats by night.
Lighting Technology:
Picture credits:
Photographs +
Linus Lintner
  • BMBF Kardorff Ingenieure Hauptansicht
  • BMBF Kardorff Ingenieure Hauptzugang
  • BMBF Kardorff Ingenieure Lamellen zur Kantine